Dream Room Makeovers

Special Spaces has transformed over 60 dream bedrooms for children throughout Illinois area in just under 5 years! Take a peek at some of our past rooms.


Sophia’s Princess Room

Sponsored by Medieval Times

Aria’s Pink Room

Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Charitable Foundation


Mariana’s Frozen Room

Sponsored by Assurance Agency

Mariana is a energetic, adorable 6 years old that had Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor. She loves dolls and all things Frozen! Thank You Assurance for sponsoring this beautiful room fit for a princess for Mariana! #ACTGivesBack

Owen’s Alabama Room

Sponsored by Fedex Cares

Roll Tide for Owen!  Owen is a special 9 year old that was born with multiple congenital heart defects and later with protein-losing enteropathy. He had undergone three open heart surgeries and was on the transplant list for 2 years before he was given a new heart on May 8th! Special Spaces and the Fedex Cares team had a great day in beautiful weather working on Owen’s bedroom. THANK YOU FEDEX.

Jude’s Superhero Room

Sponsored by Assurance Agency

 Jude is a 6 year old boy who has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since 2014. He requested a superhero room with a ceiling fan, place to store stuffed animals, and a wall hanging TV! The ACT team jumped in, wonderful to work with and have huge hearts, we couldn’t have done it without your support and sponsorship! Thank You Assurance!

Ashley’s Colorful Lounge Room

Sponsored by The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod created an amazing bedroom for Ashley! Each finishing touch made the space so unique and beautiful. They also transformed a former playroom attached to her room into a cool new hangout lounge for Ashley and her friends! They not only donated all of the furniture, accessories and bedding but also designed the room! You wen above and beyond! Thank you FLOR for donating the carpet tiles for the lounge!

Genevieve’s Nature-Inspired Room

Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation and Primrose School of Naperville

Genevieve is an artistic, kind 18 year old who loves nature. She also loves fashion- some of her favorite stores are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Genevieve was an avid gymnast and dreamt of being a fashion designer. In 2011 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. After rounds of chemotherapy, her right leg was amputated to save her life.

Genevieve’s Room Makeover was on November 16th, a very special day. This was the two year anniversary or “cancerversary” of her diagnosis – we wanted to replace the bad memory with a good one. Thank You Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation and Primrose School of Naperville for sponsoring the room.


Jon’s Circus Room

Sponsored by Feld Entertainment

Jon’s room makeover was a huge success! We had an amazing two days working alongside the crew from the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus! It was two days filled with hard work, SO many wonderful volunteers, great media coverage, clowns and the great cast and crew members from the circus! Thank you to Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey and Feld Entertainment for helping us make Jon and Ava’s rooms awesome! Thank you to our loyal team members from SAFE Electrical Service – Chicago Electrician, Crayons Gone Wild Murals, and BR Custom Design for always being there to make our kids rooms great.


Bella & Liam’s Rooms

Bella and Liam Byra are our very special sister-brother duo.

Bella is bright, optimistic little girl who is calm and patient. She loves nature, trees and horses. Bella was a healthy, active little girl until she had a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of two and a half. She had to undergo emergency brain surgery and was in a coma for months. She has had numerous brain surgeries since then. Bella goes through intense physical therapy daily and she is confined to a wheelchair. Bella is a fighter and works very hard to communicate. She is getting stronger little by little.

Liam is Bella’s little brother. He arrived just 18 hours after Bella got home from the hospital after her surgery. He is a very energetic, talkative little boy. Liam is very protective of his sister who he calls “his Bella”. He loves all kinds of music and likes to sing and to play the drums! Liam was born with an under-developed ear and mandible. His later diagnosis was Goldenhar Symdrome. A few years later it was determined that Liam had a mass on his Brain Stem. He has endured many MRI’s, brain surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor was not cancerous, but was still very dangerous due to the proximity to his brain stem. The surgery has left Liam with permanent right side weakness. He is full of life and doesn’t let his challenges stop him!

Helping Hands Therapy not only helped sponsor the room but spent the whole day volunteering their time on the rooms. They were an amazing team of people and made the day so fun! Also Thank You to Coldwell Banker for additional funding for the room makeovers. And a special shout out to B R Custom Design and Crayons Gone Wild Murals for lending their creative talents to make the rooms look great!


Noah’s Super Hero Room

Super Noah is an adorable, fun-loving 3-year-old Super Hero.  He is extremely energetic and has an infectious smile.

Noah is fighting an extremely rare bacterial infection called Atypical Mycobacterium Avium Complex.  He is one of eight people in the world with this infection.  He also has a rare IL-12 genetic immune deficiency, which he is one of three people in the US to have this deficiency.  His older brother is number two with the deficiency.  He has endured multiple surgeries, many procedures, tests, hospital stays, and chemotherapy.  On February 1, 2013, Noah received a stem cell transplant.  He was the first patient to receive a stem cell transplant with his condition.

Thank you to the Naperville Moms Network – A Community of Moms Empowering Moms for sponsoring this room & for providing many great volunteers that made the make over possible.


Kendall’s Ariel Room & The K4 Surprise

Kendall Quinn is a spunky 4 year old who loves Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, The Little Mermaid and playing with her three older sisters Kealey, Karissa and Kaylen.

Kendall has Mitochondrial disease and has been plagued with many illnesses since birth.  She has battled aspiration pneumonias, UTI’s, hypotonia, dysautonomia along with a variety of smaller diagnoses and has a mostly non-functional GI system.  She has been hospitalized numerous times for serious infections and has fought through them like the warrior princess she is.


Becca’s Groovy Room

Becca is an energetic, determined girl who loves music, peace signs and dancing and acting with her sister Julia.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and Shark Tank is one of her favorite TV shows.  She wants a retro themed room with lots of colors and peace signs!

Becca was an avid soccer player and girl scout in the first grade.  On August 6th, 2010, she was diagnosed with Biphenotypic Leukemia.  Biphenotypic Leukemia is not one, but 2 forms of Leukemia – AML & ALL.  She went through intense Chemo for AML and when that wasn’t working, her doctors switched her to ALL protocol.  She finally just completed her chemo treatments in January 2013.

Thank you to our volunteers who put their time and energy into this room & to Tina Laskaris at Bedrooms4Kids in Tinley Park for going above and beyond to help make this room come to life!


Adam’s Minecraft Room

Adam is kind and strong, and loves Minecraft and creating things with Legos. He likes science, math and playing video games.

On Nov 21, 2012 the day before Thanksgiving Adam underwent a craniotomy for a brain tumor on his right frontal lobe. Soon after was diagnosed with Stage 3 ependymoma, His road to recovery began on January 10th with chemotherapy and radiation. He had 30 sessions of chemo and 33 sessions of proton beam radiation and finished treatment in February.

Adam is the son of a single mom Brenda Valadez who is a Chicago Police Officer. He is the nephew and Godson of Alex Valadez, a Chicago Police Officer killed in the line of duty on June 1st, 2009.

This room was made possible by the generous donations from VML and The Chicago Memorial Police Foundation.


Kennedy’s Vintage Princess Room

Kennedy is a sweet, strong kindergartner at Pleasant Hills School in Palatine.  At just 5 and a half-years old, this little girl is mature beyond her years and unique in so many ways.  She likes to play with her friends, do gymnastics and dance, go boating in the summer and ski in the winter.  Kennedy wants a vintage/Victorian princess style room that is white, silver and gold with swirls and roses.  At such a young age, she sure has developed a fabulous sense of style!

Kennedy was diagnosed with ALL B-cell leukemia on February 2, 2012.  She is currently undergoing treatment, and her overall treatments will last about 2.5 years.

A huge thank you to everyone who lent a hand and helped make this room pretty enough for a princess!!


Emily’s Bedroom and Music Room

Emily is a bright and fun little girl who loves music and the color purple. She likes to play her ukulele, guitar or piano along with singing her favorite songs. Her official cancer fighting song is “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus because she compares her fight to climbing a mountain and she is almost at the top.

Emily was diagnosed on April 7, 2011 with Stage III T-cell lymphoblastic non-hodgkins lymphoma at 8 years old. She started intense chemotherapy and steroids treatments, and the mass eventually disappeared. Emily currently has no evidence of disease, and her cancer is in remission. Emily will still be in treatment until July 2013. This is Emily’s second fight for her life. At birth, she had a condition called Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn, or PPHN. At four days old, she fought to come back to life after coding twice, and was placed on an ECMO.

With the immense help of the Interior Design program at the College of DuPage, we were able to not only give Emily a bedroom makeover, but also a music room for her and her sister, Olivia.

Emily’s perspective and outlook are admirable; we are so honored to get to know the Beazley family and give this fighter the room(s) of her dreams.


Evie’s Princess Room

Evie is a beautiful little 3 year old who loves princesses and tea parties.

At the young age of 16 months old, Evie was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  She has spent much of her life battling this disease, which is the most common form of childhood cancer. She finished 28 months of chemotherapy treatment just before her room makeover.  Evie still faces periodic checkups and procedures, but her long-term prospects are bright.

Evie is the daughter of Chuck and Kristin Brown and the little sister to Tommy and Jack, who also received a room makeover. The Brown family is truly a remarkable bunch who have surrounded Evie with so much love and support, it is a beautiful thing.

There were so many helping hands that went into our inaugural rooms, a big thank you to Matt Ristow, Andrea Hendrickson and Gayle Thanepohn and their students from Waubonsie Valley High School for creating wonderful bedding and custom wooden pieces for Evie’s room,  Ken and Judy at Crayons Gone Wild! for creating an amazing mural that made Evie’s room come to life, and the depot team for lending their skills and helping hands.

Also, thank you for the fundraising efforts of Tracey Roach at 31, Wendy Curcio at Votre Vu, Sayle Little at Jewel Kade Jewelry, Jad Kattan Salon and Spa and the families of Carol and Steve Scogna and Dan and Pam Blessing.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who had a hand in this makeover, you made this first makeover not only possible, but a total success!